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Bow Journal- Hunt #10- Answers and Questions

October 3, 2010

After my 10th hunt this morning, I have a few tallies to share:

1) I’ve seen 10 deer in 10 trips, including 2 bucks. Two of these deer I saw walking to my hunting spot.

2) On 5 hunts, I have not seen a single deer.

3) I have hunted 3 different spots, and have seen 6 of my 10 deer in “The Hole.”

4) I have had the opportunity to take shots at 2 deer, 1 of which I did shoot. The other was the small basket-rack I passed up.

Now, questions:

1) I don’t feel like I’m seeing a lot of deer. On your hunts, either public or private, are you typically seeing more deer during this part of the year? How about this year?

2) Have you noticed that you see more or less deer before, during, or after harvest?

3) Are you seeing more deer hunting near beans or corn?

4) Do you typically see more deer in the morning, in the afternoons, or in the mid-day?

5) How long are your hunts typically?

6) How much does the moon phase affect your bowhunts this time of year?

Those are my questions for now. Hopefully some of you out there are curious about others’ hunts as well. I know I am – especially on those ‘perfect’ mornings, like today, when I’m not seeing any deer.

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