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Bow Journal- Hunt #11- Nothing to See Here

October 8, 2010

It was a great Leslie Nielsen line. He’d be waving his arms in front of a mob of reporters, telling them to go on their way because the world was much more interesting behind them. However, behind him they continued to stare as cars blew up, people fell out of building windows, and continuous mayhem ensued.

Yet there was truly nothing to see here this morning in the ground blind. It was a pre-work hunt, so it was short, but I chose this particular spot because the wind was blowing from the south and I rarely see deer come from downwind of this corner was watching. Today I also failed to see deer approaching from upwind either.

I did, however, see a 3 x 3 foot scrape mere yards from my spot, and also saw a fox squirrel carrying a moderately large limb up and down various trees. Plus, a game trail near my blind is getting a lot of foot traffic since the last time I hunted.

Yet still no deer.

But a mid-morning walk yesterday morning near this locale revealed another large scrape and several nice buck rubs, so I know they’re there. And I can find a thousand different articles revealing how I can interpret these rubs and scrapes and what I should do with them. Keep my distance, walk right through them, urinate on them myself, pour doe urine on them, or some other tactic to bring this particular buck in while I’m hunting. I can also find a pile of articles that explain rubs the same way.

Yet I also have to put this in perspective, regardless of how much I read or put into practice. With at least 9 locations that I will hunt during a given season, I’m only spending a small amount of time in any given spot at any given moment. So there are several aspects that have to go a hunter’s way to make a hunt a successful one.

But that’s logic talking, of course. Who needs that?

I’d rather just go when I can, hunt where I feel like it, and roll the dice. However, ask me in two weeks, if I haven’t seen anything, what my thoughts are.

You may be able to talking me into believing just about anything.

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